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Hilaritas GmbH in Berlin, Germany distributes legal LSD-derivatives online ( and offline ( +

Lend capital to the "Amazon of LSD" and earn 10% return per month (214% p.a.): / /


1V-LSD microdosing pellets 1V-LSD macrodosing tabs 1V-LSD extradosing pellets



The Hilaritas company offers 10% return per month to investors: 214% per year.

Hilaritas can do it based on between 100% and 600% margin per sale.

Lend capital to the "Amazon of LSD" and earn high interest.


 See our investment case presentation:

Hilaritas Investment Case: 10% per month


Download and sign the relevant loan contract (in German only): 

Payout of total Amount at the End (214% p.a.) or Payout every Month (120% p.a.)


Contact Hilaritas founder Carl Philipp Trump for an investment in the "Amazon of LSD":


Carl Philipp Trump

Carl Philipp Trump – Founder & Consultant

+49 30 887 892 10

[email protected]



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